Green Fluid Dripping with Oil


First time on ThumperTalk but I have a question. For the first time I noticed that there was some light green/white creamy substance that dripped from one of the overflow tubes on to the ground of my '99 WR400.

I drained the oil but it looked dirty but not abnormally discolored. I followed the tube and it went into the top of the motor, valve cover.

What is this about? Is this just a case of blow-by? But whats with the gree stuff? When I touched the fluid on the floor if has coagulated as if it were like fat drained from a hamburger. :) I am also not getting anymore of this dripping. It seemed to be a one time thing.



The only green stuff in there ole boy is antifreeze. That may not be a good sign. It would be worth your time to drain your oil and check for any seperation of oil or anymore of the green stuff. If so, you could have a whole host of probs ...i.e. leaky head gasket to a cracked water jacket. Now it is possible that you got some yucky mud or water in the vent tube. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the later and not the former.

Mine does that sometimes, too. It's not coolant, it's just the oil geting aerated coming down the breather tube and looking frothy. Let it sit for a while and it will return to normal consistency of oil. It usually happens when I put the bike away immediately after a hard ride.

That's not to say that you should not check to make sure there's no leakage allowing coolant to enter the oil passages, but that's not the case with my bike. You can also place a little pan under it after you ride to catch everything and see if it does have water in it.

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