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New 2006 Yz250f worth?

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My budys had his 06, in good condition but not "like new condition" on craigslist for $1995 and no one seems to be interested. Once you put some scrathes in it and it no longer looks like its brand new it may be woth a lot less then you paid cuase every body says their bike has low hours when their trying to sell it. If you truly belive the bike only has 3hrs and has nothing wrong with it I definately would pay more then what the average 06 is getting but $2950 might be little high. But I'm mostly basing that on what I think you'd be able to turn around and sell it for after it shows some use. I too am currious has to what others are getting for 06's. cause I thought my budys would have went quick. There we're some dealers selling 09's for right around $4000 out the door not that long ago. If you can still find that deal I would pay the extra for 3 years newer even though the bike didn't change a ton.

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