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Kenda Trakmaster 2 review

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Hi all. I put a Trakmaster 2 with a bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tube on the back and thought I'd share some observations.

It's a really aggressive tire pattern. Nobody can believe it's street legal. On the slab it seems to do fine, and the rounded profile does take some of the pucker factor out of the corners. Still not a street tire, but it does pretty well with only reasonable shake at high speed.

Off road it does pretty well. However it does feel a little 'vague' on the side to side motions. I guess the rounded profile has less tread in the dirt, which lets it squirm side to side more. Kind of disconcerting at first. The D-756 was much better in this regard. Forward traction is great though and a hard days ride showed only moderate rounding of the corners (lot of rocks here).

All in all, I like it, and it does pretty well on the road. Seems like a great compromise if you're looking to be street legal and aren't 100% dirt. If I ever go back to dirt only, I'll go back to the 756's though. For legal DS I'll stick with it 🙂



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I like their Milville dirt tire. It's been through some serious stuff and it not only hasn't chunked but it's barely even rounded on the leading edge. Darn good value. IMHO

It's a multi use tire where you can put one edge forward for soft terrain or flip it for harder terrain. Nice feature although I've only used the hard terrain side.

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