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TC250 Tuning Options & Advise

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Hi there guys my name is Max and i'm new to the husky brand. I’m an “A” group clubman motox racer from the UK and am really interested in the TC250 after having a little go on one. The only thing I could envisage modifying on the bike would be its power output and dynamic.

Having done some research on the model and reading in between the lines it appears that it hasn’t taken off over here yet and consequently there are no aftermarket products or tuners interested in developing engines until things kick off sales wise.

So my question is has anyone here modified theirs, anyone know of any tuners, known products that work, tricks or set up tips?

I have had a little look through various threads but not really found much.

Any help would be much appreciated



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I wish I could give you several success stories on the MX racing and I know there are some around ... maybe try cafehusky.com .... I know I have a read a few stories over there on racing the bikes ... Some success stories as these bikes are fast with , of course, a fast rider 😏 .... Husqvarna does pay very good contingency money I think so winning can be profitable ...

Most are changing the pipes possibility, FI machines need the mapping updates and CARB bikes need some jetting changes ... that is about all I hear along with the usual suspension stuff..

Many of us are trail \ woods \ offroad guys who do not see alot of track time ... I go out on tracks with my 08 TXC250 but only small time and mostly as a way to practice jumping for my trail riding & fun ...

UR exactly right on the aftermarket parts .... we'll all hoping bmw can push the brand out to the general public more around the world ...

What year is your bike?

Good luck with the bike and post us back some picks and UR winning results!

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Well we don’t own one yet. We have only thrown down two laps on a borrowed 2010 TC250 and already got on with it. Lap time was not far off my current dialed in ride. Were arranging with Husky to take one for a day and test it back to back with our current crf250 to get more of an insight into the machine. Although it has good pace I did feel I could do with a little more Ooomph and an increased feeling to rev free. But what can two laps really tell you?

The one I have my eye on is the 2011 TC250 with FI and an Akrapovic….sounds interesting!

For those that might also be interested I did get in contact with an English team “Twisted 7” that tried to field these bikes in the Maxxis Birtish Championship but unfortunately folded; they did however point me in the direction of Stuart Johnstone from North Moor Engineering. Apparently NME have worked with the “Buff” team but I can’t get hold of them.


I also contacted Pro Circuit. Apparently They are real interested in developing stuff for these but the most we’ll see in the interim is a pipe.

The stuff I primarily want to explore is head development, basically cams + flowing. Also the possibility of big boring but I don’t really want to get into that as I like a rever and big boring is cheating in some championships!

Check this for some husky porn (below)! How nice do these bikes look? Ignore the bickering and check the two bikes on the first page.


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Cool link and that head work and cam stuff should pay dividends ... We need Mitch Payton back on board with Husky ... He still does some porting on the 2t machines today ... 😏 .... and he was with PC at the beginning ... And I saw an interview with him and he was asked about coming back to Husqvarna and he did not so no, he just said today he is happy at Kawi ...

Husky has a big following just waiting to come back out ... Many many top riders \ racers have roots back to Husky in their early years ... These are very cool bikes and we just need riders!

That 011 machine has the cool pipe many were adding to the racers the last few years ...

Here is quote from that link and this really needs to addressed by the company... these guys are talkng about the 011 TC250:

Looks superb I was interested in one last year but despite efforts couldn't get a test ride on one in the Midlands. I love Husqvarna's own a 84 250 and may well of bought one. Even contacted a dealer who made initial efforts to sort something but then seemed to lose interest. Consequently bought a Honda. If Husqvarna want to succeed in this country they need to invest in some seriously better marketing stratagies.

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Now i'm not a bling mag pie but that site is pretty cool! Like the madnetic oil plugs.

Finding out some intersting stuff from Husky Sport & SS Racing over here. Will post up stuff as i find it as i'm sure it'll be of interest to all of us.

Thanks man!

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