where's the oil going? 03 yz450f

hi guys,recently did oil and filter change on my 03 yz450f supermoto,put the manual stated amount of oil in her,ran for 3 to 4 minutes,checked oil,perfect on dip stick.

since then have done around 60 miles,chacked oil again,nothing on dip stick,added 100ml and nothing,another 50ml and still nothing.

there is definitely no leak so whats going on,wheres my oil going?

Before you checked your oil, had the bike been sitting for longer than a day or so? Did you run the engine for at least a minute within the 15 minutes before checking the oil?

If not, it's draining to the sump by leaking past the oil pump. If you start it now, you may find it overfilled.



the bike had been sat for a week or so,ran her for a good 4 to 5 minutes before checking,topped her up with 150ml and went for 20 mile ride,checked again and still not registered on dip stick,when i initially remove dip stick oil is on there,wipe it clean and place it back in and then nothing shows up

UPDATE:- rode 20 miles yesterday,topped up oil today,needed .3 of a uk litre to get her reading max on dipstick,runs smooth but when lightly reved from tick over she smokes a little,not much but noticable,thinking she may be burning oil?? and thats where it is going??

FURTHER UPDATE:- rode 30 miles this morning,when i left the oil measured max on dipstick,now i'm home it measures 3/4 down the dipstick which equates to nearly 200ml of oil in 30 miles......whats going on????

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If it smokes, it's burning it.

If it smokes, it's burning it.

so if its burning it,what now? new piston rings??

At least. Probably piston, rings, and replace or recondition the cylinder, along with new seals on the valve guides for good measure.

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