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dirt rider yz250 build up question

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I prefer the DEP over any pipe Ive ever had on my 250s... They are all very similar in performance for the average rider. I sure cant really tell much diff in mine. The DEP just seems to provide a little more over rev than the FMF or PC with countless hours spent on finding the perfect jetting combos for the pipes... After all the work and time Ive spent trying to find the difference I just couldnt begin to tell you what it would be other than the little bit of over rev the DEP seems to have. The only difference I could find with any of these aftermarket pipes was that they provided a tad bit more bottom end pull than the stocker.

I have the v force 3 on both of my 250s as well FYI!

Maybe a pro rider that uses every bit of power the yz has to offer can tell the diff.

Search for the pipe shootout and youll find a TON of information on this topic based on the dynos from all these pipe combos, which Id say is pretty accurate since all tests were done with the same yz 250

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