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Suzuki ST500?

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I know I may be a bit out of place but there was no "ST" forum. A friend of mine asked me to appraise his bike. When I asked him what it was he said a Suzuki ST500. I myself do not play around with Suzukis, (unless it is a kettle) so I resorted to one of my favorite sites, Ebay. Nothing. Google. Nothing. Is there really a Suzuki ST500?

thank you

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Well let's see... no ST500 that I'm aware of.... He's not talking about one of these is he? ­čśë


What the heck am I laughing about... I had the first year model... a 68 T500. Damn, I'm old.... :banana:

They also made TS models..... which were the dual sport models of the legendary TM400... Yeah, I had on of those things too. :eek: They did not make a TS500 though...


So then maybe he's talking about an SP500?


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Yeah, mine wasn't new... but I did pick it up just before I got my learners permit. Way to start off on the street huh? LOL!

Those 2 strokes were quick!

A buddy of mine had a Kawi 550 triple, I bought a 4 year old 1977 GS-750B, first street bike ever at 16-17 years old..... my old man was pissed!

He was riding a 65 Panhead at the time.

He took one ride on that GS and he said "you're going to kill yourself on this thing"

He wasn't too far off...

Just a few weeks after I bought the bike I spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital.

The 750 was wrecked ..... but as soon as I was well enough to ride :eek: I bought a 1978 GS-850 with Andrews cams/Weisco pistons, Kerker header, which made the 750 feel almost tame.

Sometimes I think my father is still pissed at me. :banana:

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Yeah, the old double leading shoe front brake on the early T500's wasn't too bad actually. Way better than the 69 Mach I Kwacker.... or was it just the fact that the Kawacrazy was so much faster? :banana:

Little bro is running a T500 TLS hub on his TS400 Classic MX bike.

Very short spokes but lots of brakes.

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i would kill anyone of you for that TS-400. it has a some what tamed tm-400 engine in it.

For the last 5 years it's had no engine in it at all.

It swallowed a tooth and blew the gearbox apart.

Very slowly being rebuilt.

T500 front brakes...


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