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Anybody know of some good internet sites to shop for parts? There were some hyperlinks a while back in a few posts but those have descended to the bottom of the list somewhere. I get a pretty good discount from the dealer I bought my bike from, but an expensive online site can often beat a dealer's pretty good discount.

try these for starters

I have had really good luck with them.

Chapparal.........not sure of the xact addr.

they have some great specials right now!

graphics $29


flywheel weights $42 10 or 12 oz

reg $95

I realize that not all of these are online shopping directly but they are kind of interesting and they have links to other cool sites also.



ride BLUE

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Thanx. Yeah, it's nice to be able to see and compare prices of the equivalent of a mall of motorcycle shops from the comfort of your favorite chair! Uh-oh, just so happens I was looking for both graphics and a heavier flywheel! I feel my wallet losing weight already. :)


Don't forget to check out the usraonline site......this is where I ride for racing.....the desert series and Grand prix in ut/id/co/nv/az.....pretty cool they just got it up so it is still pretty rough but coming along!

AND especially don't miss

This would be one of the few reasons i am still in Ut.........And you guys thought I was here for the %3.2 Beer........LOL

This place "jericho" is bordering where we have most of our races so you can see the great country we get to ride.....Doesn't show a lot of the trail rippin' though....

Great trails there!

And it is only an hour from the crib.SWEET

and the west desert filled w/sage is only about 1hr the other way.........AWESOME!!!


ride BLUE

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Some of the best prices and biggest inventory online!

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