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xr 200 motor problems

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Hey whats up guys. I have a lots of questions about my 1990 xr 200 bike. I bought it from a friend for 200 dollars and he told me the cylinder head was shot and so we took a look and it was. so i bought a new cylinder head, valve cover with rockers,camshaft,valves and all off ebay which was used(low money so low price) lol.

So i took it apart the other day after i got my stuff in and replaced everything from the cylinder head up. The camshaft rod that stuck out into the cdi was shorter so i used the old camshaft with the new rear pin. i put everything together and went to try to crank it and nothing. its got compression,spark. i have to get a fuel line to run from the carb to the tank tomorrow but if i sprayed starter fluid down the carb or a little gas, its still nothing.

tell me what y'all think. and yes i no it has spark because i held it :banana:

Thanks alot guys!


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Cam timing is my first guess. Now that the engine is all together I suggest a recheck of the cam timing. Pull the Advancer off the cam and check alignment of the timing marks on the cam gear with the flywheel at the "T" mark. Next check the valve clearances. Then put on the Advancer and check static timing; the line on the advancer should line up with the line on the pulse generator with the flywheel at the "F" mark (10 degrees BTDC). If you twist the advancer to full advance the lines should line up when the flywheel is between the double marks (28 & 32 degrees BTDC). Check the clearance on the compression release cable, it needs about 1/8" so it will have enough compression to start.

Next check that the coil is hooked up correctly; green terminal to green wire, black to black. Green ground wire bolted to the frame. Black/red from the alternator connected to the same color in the wiring harness.

New spark plug and check for spark, it will probably be weak, that's OK. If not check the connection between the plug wire and the plug boot, maybe cut 1/2" off the plug wire and reinstall the boot so it has contact with fresh wire. That is list of the easy items and the engine should start.

If you can get it to fire with starting fluid but it doesn't run then you have a dirty carb, pull it, disassemle and clean with carb cleaner and compressed error.

Last is check for compression, spec on the 200R is 190psi on a warm engine with the throttle wide open. Anything over 150psi and the engine should start.

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