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2006 Crf250r carb problems

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Hey everyone! I have a 2006 crf250r and I'm having some problems with a terrible idle and low end bog... The bike doesn't take it when I snap the throttle too quickly... It just bogs badly... But if I give it throttle slowly, that is fine... I have stock jetting in the carb : Main jet=172

Pilot jet=40

Needle- 3rd position from top

Starter Jet=68

Air Screw=1.5 turns out

I told my self that it's probably lean on the pilot jet. So I bought a #42 pilot jet. But after talking to others, some say that I need to play with my AP(accelerator pump) , and leave the pilot stock. I didn't close it up yet in case I really need to do something with my AP... Please help!! Thanks!

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