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My Houser Front Suspension Build

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Here are some build pics of my new Houser Racing front end for TRX450R. (I am NOT affiliated with Houser... just a happy customer)

Fit was amazing. No pry bars needed. Bolted right in. In fact I was able to use the stock brake lines. Not only did I leave the brakes assembled during the install, I didn't even take the wheels off their hubs.

Kit widens front of quad 1 inch per side. Front is now 1/2 inch wider than rear. This is perfect for trail riders looking for a fast cornering racer that can handle twisting between the trees or railing desert whoops rather than an over wide dune machine ! They are of course also available in 2.5+ for MXers as well. www.houser-racing.com

Cost is an AMAZING $600 delivered for arms, over sized tie rods, all bearings/seals, high travel balls joints, Slicast adjustable Camber/Caster system and all hardware needed.

My kit uses stock Honda Shocks. More than adequate for non-mx racers like me. But the arms are also available for $875 when built for Long Travel aftermarket shocks.

What makes Houser's suspension truly unique is it uses needle bearings at the frame instead of heim joints. They last longer than heims and have NO free play.

Additionally, the Camber and Caster adjustments are done with the turn of one nut at the top ball joint and can be done on the trail without disassembling the front end. It's a patented system called Slicast.

Other arms on the market are based on the heim joint which require you to take the upper arm off the quad and adjust the heim joints individually... then reinstall and test your adjustment. If more adjustment is needed start over ! This can take a pro an HOUR to make a minor adjustment.

Being a suspension guy and ex-auto mechanic that specialized in auto alignments, I can say this system is amazing !

In the photos, you will see I drilled and notched my frame tabs for the lubrication zircs. This only needs done in two places on the TRX450R and is OPTIONAL. The kit also ships with set screws that can be installed after you lube the suspension.


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