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fork oil height clarification

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If you have Excel, I can send you a spreadsheet that shows the effects of various oil levels. This will help determine what level you may want to run with.

Also, let me know the year and make of the bike and what springs you're running.


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Its interesting, by raising/lowering the fork oil level, the main thing your affecting is the amount of AIR that is available in the fork to compress.

By raising the fork oil level (more oil), the fork will seem to get stiffer, earlier in the stroke. This can make the fork feel more harsh medium bumps, but help to avoid bottoming the fork with a thud.

By lowering the fork oil level (less oil), tends to make the forks feel a little softer in the medium/small bumps, but won't resist bottoming.

Note that the oil level only plays a small part in the fork characteristics through the stroke, and can be used to 'fine tune'. The valve stack, oil weight, and spring selection play just as much of a role (if not more) in the feel of the fork.

However you will feel a noticable difference in feel by changing the level in 5mm or 10mm increments.

If you think the forks are too harsh, try lowering the oil level by 5mm or 10mm.

If you think that the forks are too soft try raising the oil level.

One thing I did was figure out how many CC's of oil it would take to raise the oil level by a set amount.

Then set the oil level at a lower level, and tried it out on the track. If it felt too soft, I could easily add oil by a set CC amount (using a simple syringe), to put the level back where I started.

It turned for me that going from a level of 85mm (stock) to 95mm (which is less oil) made the forks feel right, and only required a few clicker adjustments to make it feel perfect.

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Thanks for the info Guys 🙂

DaveJ, I own a 02 Wr426. Stock spring in front(.46)and I just upgraded the rear to a heavier spring.(5.6). I haven't changed the front fork oil since I bought the bike in 06/02.


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