XR650L susp. set up for 2up riding

Hello all this is my first post to you XRL guys.

Here's my ? My son will be riding on the back of the XR650L this weekend (Dirtyface DS) our total weight should be around 275lbs maybe a little less.

I would love to have some hints on setting up the susp for a better & esp a comfortable ride for him



I run 2-up alot and really depends if it's off-road or on as to where you set the suspension... I've found that the springs should be set stiff and increase the dampening as well... done this to both front and rear... seems to be best all-round... play with it and see where you like it... with me & my son we weigh in around 350# or so... with him off the bike... my suspension is purdy stiff.

just my $.02

It will be offroad only 10-20 miles of pavement.



Depending on the leg length of your passenger,you might want to swap the footpegs and brackets side for side(left to right side, right to left side) this positions the footpeg at a much more comfortable position. Then you must invert the peg in the bracket, just remove the cotterpin, pivotpin, invert the peg and reassemble. The peg should now fold down and lock as normal. I also replace the tool kit with a foam pad so my riding partner (5'11' with loooong legs :)!) can sit farther to the rear and allow me a comfortable riding position also. Happy two up trails.

I don't think you really need to touch anything. Are you sure you need to adjust the suspension or do you just want too? My guess is you won't notice a big difference, other then what's already set at the factory.


I did change the preload and it did seem to be better.

Since this was a once in a while thing I set it back to what I like for sag, which is a fair bit different than stock it is way better!

So for all of you riders who don't do susp stuff just take the time to set your sag and you will be surprised. Many dual sport riders ( and many street riders) I have seen in the past just do exhaust, carb, tire and putting on a big tank.Thanks




I love riding double and do it a lot.

My XR650L is great for it as long

as you stay out of the extreme stuff.

Our total weight is about 340 lbs. with gear.

If we're gonna go fast I would do the suspension

better but we use the bike in the picture to race

Hare Scrambles etc. I see no problems with your

weight and close to stock settings. Are you going

race pace or just trail cruizing? I did move the rear

pegs down for comfort. I used the bottom frame mounting hole for the top peg hole and fabricated a bracket to bolt the bottom on the shifter side. The brake side I used the hole on the frame bracket for the brake with some spacers.

Have fun!!


Nice Bike, I had to do a double take that you didn't have a 650"R". I said to myslef "Does this guy know we are talking about "L's" here, as it looks like he's added a dual-sport kit to his "R"! Anyways nice pics, looks like you did a fine job on your bike.


We're going to dual-sport the XR650L toady in about 2 hrs.

Riding double is a blast and it's a great way to train. Riding double on the XR650L is the ultimate training! :) Here's more pics below for ya...

click here for a bunch of Hawaii trail pics... :D

Those are great pics thanks for the link!!!


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