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revs high when warm

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my XT600 will start and idle fine. when u give it some throttle it will rev up and fall back down like normal. then once its been running a few minutes and is warm and i rev it up the rpms will raise and then not fall back down all the way. the rpm stays around 3000-3500 and wont drop back to normal.

If i pull off the "vent hose" (as the clymer manual calls it) that connects the primary and secondary carbs at the diaphram, the idle will fall to almost normal. then if i give it throttle it will raise and lower like normal but backfires.

What could be causing this? Ive plugged both and one or the other holes while its running and it still revs like it should but once i conncet the hose back in the rpm raises to like 3000-3500.

any suggestions? theories? solutions? anything will be much appreciated.

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