*** Utah riders, Stansbury trail AGAIN :grin: ***

Last weekend a few of us from Thumpertalk had a blast riding the Stansbury trail. So... we're doing it again this Saturday at 8:30am. :) Some of the best singletrack in Northern Utah. Everyone's invited.

Here are the directions:

Make your way to Grantsville from I-80. Just barely out of Grantsville on Hwy 138 (northwest of town) there is a road called Macks Canyon Road heading west. We'll meet at 10:00am right at the Macks Canyon Road and Hwy 138 intersection. Here's a map to get you to Grantsville


Post a message here so we know you're coming. I'll have my cell phone with me 801-836-5246.

- Eric

TT... so far 3 Thumpertalk members will be there...

We need to plan a Sunday trip. :)

How about we go to the track? :)

How about we go to the track? :D

C'mon Chris, a little singletrack won't hurt you. :)

Hey guys - we're up to a possible six riders on Saturday :) Should be great fun!

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