P.M.B. muffler insert

I ran my p.m.b. insert for the first time this weekend and unbelievable power loss!!!

I felt like i was riding a 125

It lasted all of 10 minutes and i pulled it out

If i wanted a 125 i would have bought one

I also have one and was not happy with it. It took me about 5 minutes to remove mine. My buddies were even giving me a hard time about it, since the bike sounded like a gelding! The only reason I'll keep it is if I see a ranger testing for noise...

I have the PMB and the GYT-R baffle. The PMB isn't a bad baffle it would just take some jetting work to make it run right. It took away the mid and top range but did give low end power. Granted not as much as running uncorked.

Personally I like the GYT-R better. Mid and top range are much better for my setup


My brother-in-law said the same thing about his GYT-R. He removed his after about ten minutes too because he was too lazy to jet his bike for the insert.

Jetting, jetting, jetting... :)

I like my bike quiet. Jetting makes a big difference. I don't think it's as slow as you say. A loud bike can make you think you got more power. Harley riders think they have a fast bike.

I called ProMoto and they said you can drill out every other hole for more noise.

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