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00 cr 125 not properly running, bogging

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im gonna use this post as my log of what im gonna do for this bike and you guys can look it over to see if you can help me out of all. im new to 2 strokes.

bought a used bike it was trashed but seemed like it ran alright bought it for 900$. cleaned it up a little (new bar mounts, new tire, some other things cleaned it up real nice). rode it today ran preety bad. i compared it side to side to another 2000 cr 125 that runs great. super fast bike.


-hard to start when cold sometimes.

-doesnt idle for even a second just dies

-preety bad off bottom

-it wants to rev out mid but still is bad

-and up top it just cuts out

what i want to do:

1.remove pipe and muffler clean the insides with break cleaner

2.take off the rc valve cover(i think thats what its called) make sure something spins??? then if it doesnt clean it out i guess.

3. pull the carb and clean out the jets. figure out what the sizes are.

this is what im gonna do first then put everything back together if its still not running good then im gonna take some more steps :banana:

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