Chain eating swingarm

Can you guys tell me how bad this is and what I should do moving forward?

I am already purchasing new chain guides, chain and sprockets.






Get a new swingarm or find a good used one on e-bay.

It wasn't your chain that did most of the damage. The chain slider is was rubbed most of the metal away. I put a bunch of rtv under mine os the dirt cant get in there. I think the dirt gets under there then all the motion of the slider grinds the dirt against the aluminum, sanding it away.

Going forward, remember your front slider and rear slider are wear parts. They probably wear faster than your chain and need to be replaced regularly.

If you can't find a replacement on eBay, have yours reconstructed by having the worn through section cut out and a piece welded back in.

Silicon sealer works OK as a preventative, but IMO, this works better:

Wow, there's an example of a swingarm that paid the price for this wear issue. I have added that mod that Gray pointed out to all of my YZ's

I did that plate on my 03 as well. I noticed a bit of wear, and now nothing moves there. Great, inexpensive mod.

I dropped the arm off with a local welder this morning. He knew that it was for a Yamaha just by looking at it, so that seems like a good thing.

I will post up some photos when the work is complete. I may get to ride this weekend!

I am also going to add the mod. Thanks for the info on this!

Same thing has happend to my bike, 07 yz450f. How much does this afect the structural integrity of the swingarm?

After the weld job:



In reveiwing the photos that is pretty bad damage, worse than mine. how does the weld job look in person, it looks rough in the photos.

It is pretty smooth actually. The guy made it a little thicker at the biggest wear area. The area is also sanded down the length of the chain guide. The photos are not very good because of my phone and the dim lighting in the garage.

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