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Ligament repair surgery

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So 5 months ago, I had to have ORIF surgery to repair my distal humerus. This happened while traveling in Canada. I'm now back in the US and saw some orthopedic surgeons for check ups.

2 things have been bothering me.

1. I get pain when I try to extend my arm while my hand is supinated (palms up). The pain occurs at the halfway point between the bony point of my ulna and the lateral head of my humerus. (sort of where the radius meets the humerus)

2. I've developed a click in my elbow. If I have my arms flared out and try to extend my elbow, I can hear the click. But if I have my arms to my side or have my medial head pointing up and extend my arm, I don't have the click.

The surgeon had me lie down and moved my arm around and said that the elbow was slightly dislocating and that is why there's a click. She said overtime this would wear down the cartilige and I needed surgery. I don't know the exact term, but I think I heard her say the ulnar collateral ligament needed to be replaced.

So the plan is to have my plates removed 10 months after having them installed and using a cadaver tendon to replace my tendon there now.

I've tried researching this type of surgery and heard of Tommy John surgery, but this surgery is really for the medial side of the elbow. I'm trying to research this surgery and would like to know the name of this procedure.

BTW, I think it is my annular ligament that is causing me pain.

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