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Well I finally did it

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I got my bike back together. Its a 2007 CRF250X

It now has a JD jet kit in the carb

165 main jet

CC mods to the airbox

Uni airfilter

Removed backfire screen

FMF powercore 4 muffler

stock header

Wiseco 13.5:1 Piston

Kibblewhite Stainless Valves and Springs

Hotcam Stage I Cam

Disconnect Pink Wire

It fired right up on the first pop, which was nice considering it refused to start once the valves went out.

I hope to take it out tomorrow and put around to seat the rings.

The carb has to be some kind of Japanese torture device. It barely fits in there. Hooking up the hot start was a real pain and so were the throttle cables. I had to remove the rear shock. I have also developed a deeper hatred for threaded aluminum

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Don't put around on it, ride it like you stole it, hard acceleration and decleration. Warm it up for at least five minutes before you ride it hard. I put the same piston in mine, love it, awesome improvement in power for the extra money.

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The first time I re-installed my carb, I just about went insane trying to re-connect the hot start. It's near impossible. Since then, I've just disconnected the hot cable at the handle-bar lever and take off the carb with the cable attached and put it back on with the cable attached. Much, much easier.

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