yz426f career ender????

I have been riding mx since spring (good dozen days on the track) with an 01 yz 125 love it and now clearing 70 to 80 feet table tops and "keeping up" with the regulars.

Took a one hour course 1 month ago and ask my instructor if it would be a good idea to jump on my 01 yz426f (set as a supermoto right now). He said bad idea and that the 426 was a career ender and to keep it as a supermoto. Is that true?

Cause I wanted my 426 to be a triple use bike. enduro, supermoto and mx. having 2 sets of tires and 2 sets of suspension.... And a parts wr400

Just ridding for thrils and a good work out.

The guys an arse!. I have no probs throwing my 426 threw the air.

Neither do I. Handles fine on the track.

Doug Henry didn't seem to think so. :banana:

your 426 is a fine bike. the thing is that your instructor whants you to get better skils on the 125

A 426 is the first, and only dirtbike I've ever had, and its awesome. Don't have much to compare it to, but from my experience its a lot of fun. I had the same thing with everyone telling me it was too big to start on, but no problems here.


I think your instructor needs a check-up from the neck-up. The 426 is a great bike (although against a modern 450 it does lack,but unless you're planning on running pro, it's all in fun anyways).

Great little vid Williams_cz.

its not about the bike , its about you. if you can master a 2 stroke bike you'll become a great rider. a 2 stoke bike needs you to be more precise on the clutch/trotlle coordination, more accurate on the engine revs/shifting, etc... and once you get it all figured out you'll be a killer on any 4stroke.

by the way, how are you doing so far?

This is a zombie post (look at the date). Just so everyone knows

But I've always wondered what the instructor would have thought of the kind of bikes that were used in MX before the two strokes became viable:


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