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Where to ride in Ohio/Michigan?

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About 6 or 7 of us, at the beginning of October, are looking to roll out of Knoxville, TN on our way up to ride at Silver Lake Dunes in Michigan. At least that's the plan.

We plan on hitting Brimstone in TN on Saturday, the 2nd...

Then, head North (we have a friend that is willing to drive us through the night) and make our way towards Michigan.

Along the way, we are looking for good spots to ride that are near the interstate system/road system.

We are all Vet C / Vet B riders and want to target mostly double width trails, some single track, but looking for good flowing trails for the most part. Half of us ride Motocross, but the others don't, so we want to limit our time to very little on tracks, etc.

We plan on riding Saturday the 2nd, through Tuesday, the 5th, and have the driver get us back to NC/SC area in the early morning hours of Wednesday the 6th...

Any ideas? :banana:

We are up for Dunes, single/double tracks, gnarly hill climbs, etc...we don't care but want it to be enjoyable riding per se since it'll be 4 to 5 days of riding consecutive.

My email address is cuerx@hotmail.com if you'd prefer to email me directly, perhaps want to join us, etc at any location you recommend.



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I'm sure others will chip in some thoughts as we have an excellent motorcycling community from Michigan here on TT, but here's a fantastic link that you can use to get started on some investigating:


Here's a link to some mapping through our state's Department of Natural Resources (DNR):


The DNR map is easy to look at and identify trails in a geographic area, but once you do that you'll find more and better info about particular trails at the VV Mapping link above.

I hope this helps - we have some great trails and will be glad to share them with you and your friends. More replies will be coming I'm sure...


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Great maps to skim over, like it shows Horseshoe, Holton, Cedar creek are south and east of the dunes. If you wanna go slightly farther north and east you've got Little Manistee, Lincoln hills which has singletrack trail that is parralleled by the wide stuff

I might try planning a ride around that time seemed to work good last yr, if everything goes as planned next week:banana:

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Not a lot between lower Michigan and mid central Michigan. However, once you get to the West Branch area off I-75 there are many choices to be had. Ambrose Lake is wider ATV stuff but tight enough to keep it interesting. Mio has a decent loop, good to get the flow going.

Head out to Luzurne from Ambrose lake and you have the option of both ATV and single tracks as they parallel each other for a good 30 miles.

As others have posted, the map links a good to get you zeroed into an area. Post if you need specifics on a general area you plan to ride.

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Take a look at the DNR map so see where you will be driving through to see what will be close.

A lot of the trails in Michigan (ok most) are sandy and can be pretty whooped out, these tend to be wider, faster, and of quad width. Others are less frequently used and are tighter singletrack with more technical challenges, fewer whoops and are restricted to motorcycle only use. Let us know where you are driving near and maybe we can steer you to a trail to your liking.

I'm personally not a huge fan of the really wide, fast trails precisely because they are heavily whooped and used a lot. I prefer the tighter, more technical side of things. Evart, Hunt Creek, Tomahawk, a portion of the North Missaukee Motorcycle Trail near Moorestown (not sure exactly which map it was), would be my favorites in the lower peninsula.

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Sounds like a 6 wheel drive Gator, I knew it! :banana:

yeah but i can haul more beer than you:p

To the OP when it gets closer PM me and i'll give you my cell # if you want to head a little farther North of the dunes and i have something to ride i'll give ya the tour

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