KYB Fork Problem!

Ok well i was servicing my kyb dual chamber fork today. My problem is my Compression valve plastic piece is broken. Is there any where i can buy just the plastic piece and not the whole compression assembly. Thanks

Find your local KYB dealer and they can source you these parts individually, and more than likely will have them in stock. It seems as though you have already found out that Yamaha do not sell individually.

Dave at Smart Performance can help you out. Even has a fix for that problem. -

Contact - 408-406-2089

Engineering and Testing - KYB-SHOWA-WP

DIY tuning kits and OEM parts - Dell Taco - EPNP - CLOVER - 215.VM2.K5 - PHASE 4 (WR and KTM)

+1 on Dave. Took mine apart only to find the plastic cracked and in bits. Dave fixed me right up and his drilled replacements have been fine since. A whole lot cheaper than replacing as per the Yamaha parts catalog

Here's a link started from someone who's had the exact same problem :

And the "fix" for it :

This info is in the "Common Threads: Look here 1st! Mods, Maintenance, Common Issues and FAQ's" section at the top of the forum. Although it would have been better to have read it before your free piston broke, at least now when you replace the part you can perform the mod (I did) and you won't have to worry about this again.

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