py 50cc miniky carb fault ?!?!?

hey guy and girls....

i just got my daughter a py 50cc as she loves bikes but never been on one so i see a cheap py50 and got it :banana:

i put fuel in it (mixed correctly as 2 stroke hose is split) and fuel poured out the carb everywhere , , misses not to impressed !!!

ive notive a small hole where fuel leaks from and there are nipples what ment to have rubber hoses on but cant figure where they ment to go !!!!

i paid £50 for it so not to fussed if i have to spend a wee bit more but less the better i have attached a pic and edited pic to point out the problem im having.... many thanks guys

are new carb expensive? where can i get one for this model?? if needed that is!

Very doubtful the carb is damaged... just needs adjustment.

The one that will accept a hose and should not flow gas unless your float bowl needle is stuck open causing flooding. So the hose only directs flooding fuel overboard away from the motor. Goes overboard.

The hole on top is a carburetor float bowl vent, which is just another symptom of overflow problem.

Does fuel flow from both holes? or just the top one?

Search google or TT for setting a float needle. Great stuff out there. You want the float bowl to fill enough to get to the jets, but stop filling when full, preventing overflow.

Carburetors are like $20-$50 on ebay! check diameter of the holes, alignment and overall demensions, and there will be a good fit out there. 20mm will be more then enough for a 50cc.

-BIG DAN:thumbsup:

I leaks from top hole and bottom pipe ! I have stripped it down and noticed

A white crusty substance inside so in process of cleaning it , also what goes on middle

Pipe fitting ? Does this go to the 2 stroke mixer ?

the white crust is oxidized aluminum from the carb itself, just clean with carb cleaner.

Once you have the float bowl off, hold it right side up with your fingers on the float. attach the fuel hose again and push up gently on the float to force the needle to seat. Turn on the fuel and no fuel should flow if your float needle works properly.

Let the float drop slowly and you should get fuel flow. Lift it back up and it should stop again. this is a prperly working float/needle. Make sure the float isn't holding fuel inside itself, this will cause a stuck open needle.

Adjust according to how the carb works best.

You are getting too much fuel to the carb which is overflowing.

Unless it's a two stroke there shouldn't be oil mix.

-BIG DAN:thumbsup:

Some of the older 2-stroke models with oil injection had the oil line going to the carb, to inject the oil at the carb.

so, if theres a tank for oil on your bike hook it up. If not.

Fix the float problem, Fuel should not come out of a oil injection port either.

Then just premix if thats the case. Much easier and more trustworthy.

-BIG DAN:thumbsup:

Dont get a bike from Donkey Legged Chicken Farmers.. Carbs are always clogged with feathers..

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