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DR350S basket case harness is FUBAR

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It was a bit f*ed up when I got it, but for $250, with good compression, and good spark :banana: why not?

Well I'm finally getting around to putting this bike back together after sittng for about 4 months. Normally I'm extremely meticulous about recording my progress when I take something apart. I use muffin pan parts organizers, and I take lots of pics. But it seems catastrophe has struck threefold here;

(1) a PO had hacked the harness up pretty good in what I can only assume was an attempt to turn a DS bike into a dirt only bike. There are several components that have been missing from day one. Plus some cuts and half ass splices that make me want to ring his idiot neck🤣 Actually not that big of a deal. About an hour with a tiny flatpoint screwdriver, a good soldering pen, and some shrink tubing fixed all that.

(2) All the pics I took of the teardown are gone. They must have gotten deleted somehow. The only ones I really need are of the chassis harness for routing and component location.:eek:

(3) And finally, one of my muffin pans that was half full of fasteners has gone AWOL. I'm hoping it'll magically turn up, but I doubt it. There's been alot of traffic in the shop lately so anything could have happened there.

The net result is that I have no idea how the harness is supposed to look. The wiring schematic in the manual helps a little, but I can't figure this out with only that to go on.

So, is there a brother out there with the time to take maybe half a dozen closeup pics of the wiring harness, from the coil to the batt compartment, and send 'em to me?😉

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There doesn't appear to be a lot to the harness, at least what I can see on my '90 DR350S. What specifically are you having trouble connecting?

I guess the most important connectors are under the seat near the CDI. The only tricky ones appear to be the magneto coil from the stator to the CDI, but even those can onlu go one way, I think. All others are keyed, so there should be only one place they can go.

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