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Rear shock compression clickler question.

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Not to sound like a dumb but here but I have never owned a bike with high and low speed compression settings on the rear shock before.

So just to clear it up for myself......

The small compression clicker that you would adjust with a flat blade is for your low speed hits, big jumps and whoops.

The larger outside adjustment is for your high speed stuff like braking bumps and roots.

Am I correct here or totally off the wall? Just thought I would ask before I started playing with them.

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Low speed and high speed refer to shaft speed not bike speed. The screw driver adjuster is low speed which is rolling whoops, 'flat' take offs form jumps etc.

The 17mm nut is high speed, hard landings, roots, landings from large jumps, square edge etc

Dont be scared to play around with them, you will learn loads and remember, the settings in the manual are a guidline only, there is no right or wrong to where you have your settings and yours may be totally different to other riders,

set them where you feel most comfortable with them

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