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what should i offer?

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i posted earlier about the cr500, i went and looked at it, the radiatior is bent up and pushed back some how and i checked the level and i couldn't see coolant in the radiator it was so low. The header pipe is dented in a lot, theres like 3 dents the size of a grapefruit and right off the head it is welded because it was split open, it is a fmf burly but its really beat, apearently he ran it with a hole in the air filter, mice were in the air box and they chewed a hole, he left the tank full so i'm sure the carb needs a cleaning and is all gumed up, he blew it up one time because he ran strait gas he drained from his snowmobile that he thought was mixed, he had the bottom end all rebuilt though, the cylender is bored out, he dosent know to what extent but theres a good chance it's at .06 over which is the max and to have it resleaved is like 300-400 buck with labor and shipping, and a new jug is 450 bucks. he replaced the fork seals 2 times and there still leaking oil, the chain is rusty, he didn't clean it before he stored it. He's looking for 700 bucks, thats never going to happen, what should i offer him, my guess is it will end up being a parts bike for someone. I'm thinking offering like 150-200 bucks and then sell it for like 400 at most, IDK what to do, what should i offer him? thanks

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