yzf 426? Need info.

Im about to trade my 85 for a 01 yzf 426, with a thumper 450 big bore kit.

I need to know.. What are the goods and bads on these bikes.. Also does the 450 kit include the 450 cam? If so thats going to be the first thing done to this bike.. What are must have mods, what is some things I should check for, and look out for? need info!

Can somone not help me out a little bit? I know somone has some info they could share would it kill somone?

2mm over piston + stock stroke = 444 . You sure you have a 450 big bore kit?

+ You have one more gear.

- I ride mine in the sand so it does just fine. If i were riding the track i would get a newer one . As for the cam having a big bore don't mean it has a 450 cam.

Well that's what the guy told me.. I'll post the link to it up... He doesent seem to know much about the bike..

The big bore kit most likely doesn't include the new cam. 426 is a nice reliable bike if it has been properly maintained. Even when not given proper care they can be reliable. If you are that interested go over it with a fine tooth comb- check for obvious stuff like worn out bearings, loose spokes, cracks in things that shouldn't have them, missing or stripped out bolts, etc.

Thumper racing calls their kit a 450 kit. It could be they're getting a custom piston made, which means you always have to go to them for a new one. Most other big bore kits are 444 and all the aftermarket piston companies offer a replacement for that size.

I'd call Thumper racing and ask if they're just 'rounding up' on their size and it's actually a 444 like all the others.

Other than that issue on this particular bike, in general, the early 400's and the 426's have proven to be two of the most reliable bikes of the new generation 4 strokes. My '00 426 has been the best bike I have ever owned in 34 years of riding. :banana:

Well good thanx guys.. Ill hopefully have it by friday.. Ill post pics.. Anything else I should look for in it, listen for, etc when I go to get it?

Can yall post some pics of yalls btw.. I want to see everyones different setups..I plan on taking the cross country tank off and putting a regular one on and putting different graphics, and bars, and exhaust (any ideas?)

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