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Starter motor woes

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Hi all,

The starter motor on my '04 WR250 stopped working.

I know I'm getting juice at the motor side of the relay because I tested voltage while hitting the starter switch and I got the click plus 12V to GND, so I'm good there.

The wire from relay to motor is okay, I got continuity.

So I took out the starter motor and disassembled it. It's really dirty around the brush/contact side, no big deal, BUT... one of the permanent magnets on the case is broken loose :eek:

I checked Bike Bandits and they don't sell just the case of the motor separately with the permanent magnets, and the whole unit is $220.

Any suggestions? Checked Ebay... nothing...

Do I have to go OEM? Are there aftermarket alternatives?

Is this motor used on other models that I could maybe find a used motor for?

I really don't want to splurge $220 on the motor, but I do want my electric start (I bought a WR for a reason.. I'm lazy :banana: ).


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I'd try glueing the magnets back with JB weld or something like that. I'd also get a brush set for about $10 and replace the brushes. Check the bearings on the ends of the commutator shaft too. If they are shot, then that's what took out the magnets.

Yeah I was considering just gluing back on, now that you mention it I'll give it a shot.

Now here's another question... I took the loose magnet out and forgot which direction it was facing, does it matter (polarity)? I mean maybe the magnets polarity runs across the width of it instead of the length so which way I put it in won't matter?

Hadn't thought of the bearings. I'll hunt around for a shop to have them checked out.


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