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KDX Kickstarter Slipping?

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I am finally getting tired of my bike's ('91 KDX250) kickstarter slipping. It slips pretty badly when the engine is cold, but gets a lot better when it warms up. I have seen many KDX owners complaining about this problem, so I guess it is fairly common. My question is: Which part is normally the culprit when this problem occurs? Is it the Spur Gear on the shaft, the Ratchet gear on the shaft, the Idler Gear, or the spring? I replaced the Ratchet Spring (92081A) when I first got the bike, but it didn't seem to help. None of the gears appear to be worn, so I'm not sure which one to replace. I really don't want to buy the wrong part because they aren't cheap! Thanks for any info.

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