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805 mile trip on a dirt bike

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Wow it sounded like a great idea 4 days ago and guess what?

It was... I had a blast left out around 5PM on Thursday and arrived in Burnsville, NC around 12am. Great cool temp ride but we hit a bit or rain 20 miles from our destination.

I was on my 09 Suzuki DR-Z400S and my friend was on his 00 R1

All we did Friday was ride the Mt roads all day from sun up to sun down. Saturday we hit some more roads and went back to one of the best roads I've ever seen. 16miles of 2 lane twist and turns up the side of a Mt. The road dead ends at the Blue Ridge Parkway with is another great road to ride. We decided to made a 3rd pass on the road and meet up with a group of bikes and half of them were from GA.

Around 3pm on Saturday we hit some really bad rain and called it a day.

Then we left at 8am this morning and rode like hell home. The first 100miles were wet and foggy but the last 130 or so miles were great. I beat the hell out of my poor bike. I held it at 80MPH for 90+ miles and thats with a 400cc motor and only 5 gears. Got home around 1PM.

Here are some pics. I didn't get to many we didn't stop to much(other than for gas witch was ever 100miles for me)

Best road I've ever been on.






We also rode up Roan Mt and crossed over into TN






total mileage of my 09


Here are my videos I took of some of the roads we rode.

Thanks for looking.

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