Street legal in Ca.

I am interested in making a WR426 or YZ426 street legal in CA. I like what I have seen, experienced, and heard about the motorcycle. It will live in the dirt except for a rare case when needed to get to work for a day or two. I contacted Baja Designs and they said it would have to be registered in Vermont for 90 days, steet kit installed then re-registered and inspected here in Ca. Has anyone done this to their own bike or is it more trouble then its worth?


Is registering the bike in Vermont first something new? I was talking with some guys the other day and they said that the DMV will not allow the WR or the YZ to be registered as a street legal bike, something about the emissions. They were telling me that the DR can still be registered once the requirements are met (Baja Designs kit).

I thought about doing this to my YZ400 but it would be really expensive once you buy the stator, baja kit, and of course, you would want a larger tank too. It would be far less expensive to transform a WR, which already has two of the three, into a street legal machine.

It would be awesome to be able to connect trails together and from what I have been told, it would give you access to all green sticker areas and Forestry Roads too! Big plus, being that it's about impossible to get a green sticker anymore.

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