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My KTM 525 Supermoto Build. Old dog, new tricks.

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Hey guys,

Just finished up my 03 525 build and though id share it. Love the reliability of the older motors but hate the looks. I decided id fresh'n her up a bit. Bought the bike about 4 weeks ago, rode it around a parking lot to make sure it ran good them tore it down to the frame. Bone stock 03 525SX with SMR wheels it what i got. As you can see i went throug the whole bike and did it up. BBS wheels and had them powder coated flip flop. 08 Sub-Frame, body, tank, etc. I made all of the carbon fiber parts for it. Powder coated everything. The list goes on and one....

The day i got it.


Work in progress and fitting the 08 Sub-frame and tank.










Mostly done with the bike. Just waiting on custom graphics and a few other tid bits. Took it to the track over the weekend and was very happy with it. Now im ready to race. Im looking for a 2 piece billet clutch covers and a billet ignition cover if ya got them for sale let me know




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how do you make carbon fiber?

I believe you start out with a sheet of fiber that is flexible, and get it do stay in the shape you want it in somehow. Then you apply an epoxy to it and let it dry. After this I think it's pretty much done, but you could probably clear coat it or something to make it look good.

I think that's how it's made, but I'm not really sure to be honest, I'd like to try it some time but I could never find a good guide or a source for materials.

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