Was pleased with the woods map!

I didn't notice anymore wheel spin with the 51 from the 48, since I've always had to give it some gas, slip the clutch, and launch it a certain way to keep it from stalling. What it does give you, once the idle is setup a little higher, is the ability to keep the hands on both grips more often in the tough, tight stuff; letting you concentrate on your line instead of focussing on having to play with the clutch and keep the bike from crapping out on you. With a 51t the bike really needs a 6th gear for the fast forest roads and such, but for the woods it was as good a step as changing the fuel map! :bonk:

Might have to try it. It would be nice to not beat the crap out of my fingers with the clutch lever as much.

If you guys are so concerned about stalling and so forth, you should think about getting the GYTR flywheel weight? I'd think that would be a huge difference if stalling is an issue. Then you still get to keep your stock gearing and high speed... I havent needed it but just thought id throw that out there... they help a lot.

I'll probably get around to the flywheel sometime soon.

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