What to do with my '04?

Some of you may remember I had some drivability issues with my '04 and decided to rebuild from the ground up. Well I started and ran out of money and time. My initial plan was to build a nice trail bike but now I just got a 2010 and have had a blast riding it. Even if I finish the '04 I don't know if i'll even ride it.

I looking for any ideas on what to do to this thing, crazy and expensive ideas are welcome.

Heres my current status and purchased parts:

Suspension: FC valved for offroad

New D952 tires on wheels with new motomaster flame rotors and new sprocket

PC tripple clams

scotts stabilizer

black powdercoated frame

new radiators and MSR guards

all new swing arm, linkage, and wheel bearings

pro taper evo bars and pillow grips

custom graphics for new black plastic

gonna do bottom and top end

eddy carb

theres some other things but can't remember right now

What would you guys do with this thing? After riding 2010 I now realize how heavy this old bike feels and how much I dislike the 4sp tranny any ideas?

BTW: my raptor just got stolen and I had some money and time set aside for that so now im on a nice sized budget for the bike

If you want to keep it:

  • Put a 5 speed in it and make a super moto out of it.
  • Make a TT or flat tracker out of it

If you want to keep it:

  • Put a 5 speed in it and make a super moto out of it.
  • Make a TT or flat tracker out of it

Never thought about super moto, hmm thats not a bad idea. What about suppension, you think I can get it reasonable with clickers? I'd hate to waste the 1000 bucks I put in it.

As far as 5 sp do I go with newer yz or a wr gearbox?

If it's just a for fun thing, the stock suspension should be workable. Ask over in the SM forum.

The newer ('06+) YZ450 5 speed won't fit. The older 426 5 speed will, but it requires a lot of custom machining, and it's quite a pain.

The '03-'06 WR box drops in:


Think I will look into the gearbox and its defentently just for fun. Gotta look into some places to ride near here.

You really dont need a 5 speed for supermoto unless its a really big track.

thats probly true I might just build it for rough off road stuff to beat around on the rocks and roots. So I might do the 5 spd anyway cause me and the 4spd just don't get along. Some sprocket changes would probably fix that. Rekluse might be in order as well.

Just afraid I wont ride it but I can't sell it or I'll be out a ton of money. Wish I could make it street legal. I like the sumo idea but i'll have to make some new riding buddies or do it alone.

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