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Shop Manuals are they equal or not (Kaw vs Suk)

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Anyone who's seen the price comparo in last months (or whenever it was) Dirt Rider Mag. knows that the same parts from either dealer can be priced up to 40% different.

It may be something that we as a group should make a point of pointing out. I price shop everything but I haven't needed any OEM parts in a while.

Good question! 🙂

My money's on:

It's the exact same manual.

Heck, the Kawi one may even be better.

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I agree, but even online Kaw manuals are 1/2 the price of suzuki manuals.

Someone has to have expeience with Kawasaki manuals -- are they good?

I dont mind paying for quality. Like I said before if kawasaki manuals are anything like BMW manuals I WONT PAY A FREAKEN DIME!!!! and gladly pay double for the Suzuki manuals.

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