Anybody fit a battery to a wr 426 02?

I have a wr426 02 model and looking to fit a battery to it and make a bracket in the air box, has anyone done this is so how would i go about fitting the wiring to it? cheers in advance. :banana:

Depending on what you are running off of the battery a 2.5 AH battery from Turn Tech would be easy enough to fit somewhere.

:banana: WR_Dave

That seems like a good idea but I want to power only an alarm system and indicators, say I fit that battery how do I go about fitting it to the loom to charge it up?

I was just trying to help with part of your equation, I would guess that you may need a rectifier and a voltage regulator of some sort to convert the AC voltage that runs your light on the WR into DC and use that to charge the battery. WR Dave

If you can get a small full wave bridge rectifier and 10 rechargeable duracell batteries wired in series that would do the trick. You run the yellow power wire to an ac wire on the rectifier marked with ~ and the other ~ to ground. You then hook the battery pack to the + and - on the other two leads on the rectifier and run everything from the battery. You can then run everything from the battery using the negative terminal on the battery for ground. This will allow you to run DC power without having to float the ground on your stator. I picked up my rectifier from Radio shack in the states it is good for 50 amps and cost me $3.95 I have used this on all of my dualsport conversions with no issues. See this link for additional info

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