'03+ KTM wheel swap onto '02+ YZ

Has anyone done this swap and have the changes written down? Search didn't show anything.

Looks pretty extensive as the axles are different sizes requiring bearing swaps.

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I'm going to guess that you're on your own on this one.

Yeah, figuring it would be a shot in the dark....heh.

Might be good to know though with all the recent YZ/KTM off road popularity.

I'll post up when the info. is avail.

Well, as a follow up, front no worky even with a bearing swap, with factory wheels.

You can do the rear with a 25mm axle YZ conversion (new 450F size) and spacer swap.

But the front requires a 20x47x9 bearing which isn't out there. (14mm most narrow)

For a Talon or other hub, might work as they may use a common bearing O.D.,

but the stock front wheel O.D.'s are off by 10mm and to get the O.D. right,

it takes you out of the available width range for the bearing swap.

For future searches.

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