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Green stickered YZ250F?

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Well can I get a newer Honda 250 four stroke and have it green stickered
If it is 2003 and newer it is red sticker.

That should answer your question.

It would probably be to your benefit if you went to the site that describes what constitutes a green sticker/red sticker bike. Then you can be informed and know what you need.

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I don't think that there is a way that red stickered model can be converted unless you know someone that works at the DMV.

That doesn't even matter anymore as the computer has been programmed to kick out red sticker VIN's.

There is a way around it but it's a PITA. You can claim a damaged frame,

get the forms from the DMV for a frame swap and swap to a green sticker frame and use its VIN.

If you're going back to a steel frame from aluminum, kind of defeats the purpose for modern tech.

You then have to have the DMV or CHP verify the new frame number/engine number combo and sign it off.

Most avg. DMV employees aren't even aware of this and you'll prob. have to call the

DMV division in Sac. to get the exact procedure (it's been awhile since I did it so call them)

Or you can just buy a green sticker bike like a 2002 or earlier, or, a post '02 250X, WR250 or EXC etc.

and lighten/tune them to CRF/YZF/SXF spec. Imho it's much easier to buy the pre-'03 bike or post '02 250X/WR/EXC and lighten/tune them,

than convert the post '02 CRF/YZF/SXF etc..to green sticker from red.

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Hey everyone...first post here on Thumpertalk! I just bought an 01 yz250f out here in utah with the intent to ride it in CA over the summer. Im here in Utah for school and bikes here are a lot cheaper than in CA. I bought the 01 for the purpose that it will be a green sticker in CA. I still have my CA license so im trying to avoid the option of registering it in UT(dont want to change my license). I have heard different things that decide if a bike is a green or red sticker. 03 and later mx bikes are red, and 02 and earlier are green. THEN i heard that it all depends on whether the 8th digit in the VIN is a 'C' or '3'?!?!?! So the real question is....my bikes VIN has a '3' in the 8th spot BUT its an 01 yz250f. I know its an 01 based on the 10th spot in the VIN. If anyone knows that would be great before i head out to CA and get red stickered by the gay dmv out there! thanks!!

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