modifications for my wr 426

what are some free or inexpensive modifications can I do to my wr 426 :)

1. Change the timing to the YZ specs.

2. Under the tank, on the right hand side, unplug the grey wire to change the CDI to the YZ mapping.

3. Make sure the throttle stop is shaved.

4. Make sure the air box lid is off.(obvious)

5. Make sure jetting is correct.(obvious)

From stock to this will make a noticable difference. I am sure someone will come with more free tricks... I look forward to that.

I see so many people buy new aftermarket hop up parts only to sell them dirt cheap later. I search and keep an eye and ear out endlessly for cheap hardly used stuff.

Cheap parts that I have bought:

Pro taper bars and triple clamp:$115 (Thanks Robswr426)

Zipty tank, One Industries seat and remote hot start: $200

FMF Powercore 4 II: $100

Can't wait until I score a GPR for cheap!!!


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