CRF150F carb on TTR150

I've read through all the threads and solicited advice. It seems that for my big bore TTR125 that one of the better options is a CRF150f carb but also requires new throttle assembly, cable, and a carb adapter from BBR to fit onto the TTR. All this is going to cost me around $100.

I know this is probably a Chinese made knockoff, but is this the carb I need?

I could just get a knockoff Mikuni VM24 that will bolt right up to the bike for $100. Is that a better option considering the bike is my wife's and my main concern is just consistent starting.

I would go 26mm not 24mm.

xr200 should work, but you need the same stuff, I'm about to do the mod to my DRZ150

if you find a cheap source for the cable & throttle assembly please post it, I have a xr200 in the garage that I can use to test

beware for the Chinese spinoffs some are ok but made are made cheaply. try to find a good used honda 150 oem or a bbr carb socal swears of the 26 and it works good with the kit but I didnt notice alot over the 24 honda carb on mine. we prob do different kinds of riding and thats where the discrepancy prob exist. the 24 gives a little more on bottom and not quite as much on top. The 26 I find gives more on the topend and not quitas much on the bottom...........he also may be better at jetting them. don't know. either would be far better than you have though.

what you said about the 24 vs 26 is pretty much spot on from what I understand, the 26 will be slightly harder to jet too for the same reason, it's a little big for a 150

I should have my bbr adapter today, I still need to find a throttle cable setup

t are you going with/? i thing they are both good depending on what you what you want and were you want it. the 24 is a lot cheaper for sure. Ive used both and both were good just little differences in where they performed. socal loved the 26 when he did his kit and he has done more that i have and may well know a few more tricks to getting the to perform better on the 150 than I. He has used many different carbs and has done a lot of work on many of these bikes so I would also take his comments under advisement.

cheaper? both are 25 $ on ebay, there's a ton of NOS little carbs out there, they put them on so many cheap bikes all over the world

You should be able to use a CR throttle ($20) and CR cable ($20) on any carb off of a Honda.

I thought the XR carb throttle cable was permanently attached to the top of the carb

cheaper? both are 25 $ on ebay, there's a ton of NOS little carbs out there, they put them on so many cheap bikes all over the world

I've been watching VM24's at $99 because I wasn't sure if a "Mikuni 24mm" was the same - there are many of those listed at $25-30. At that price, I'll just try one and throw it away if I don't like it!

they are mikuni tons of them on ebay, I would go with the 26mm or the ones they call 30mm (probably 26 or 27 internally) they show them as xr200 replacements, same thing a 150 uses stock I think

the one I have is labled a 27mm but it's dimensions are the same as my XR200R carb

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