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Yamaha 1981 SR 250 Carb assembly

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Hi All,

Does anyone please know if a CV Carb on a Yamaha SR 250 1981... can be replaced with a Mikuni VM carb???

I have heard that a Mikuni VM 32mm carb is suitable? if this is the case... can somebody please provide the correct jetting numbers that would be required!

I do have a Mikuni VM 32mm on hand, but would need to confirm if it has the right jets, to start with.

Perhaps, even a XT250 with a Mikuni VM 32mm would be setup with the jetting simmilar?

Many thanks.


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Hi guys,

I have had problems with the CV carb on my wifes SR250.

I have cleaned and rebuilt the carb, I am a bit confused over the reassembly of the jet needle into the slide! I took it apart some time ago with out paying attention to the assembly order.

I have looked at the exploded view diagram of the carb and it does not seem correct!

The parts for the assembly that are showing in the diagram are in the order of: Slide (11), jet needle(10), spring(6), plastic washer(9), flat washer(7), clip(8), seat spring (6) & pan head screw(4).


Or should it be reassembled in the numbering sequence order of the diagram. from eg, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, & 4?

Can someone please confirm this.


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Yes it is confusing. if that is the correct way of assembly.

The part that confuses me the most is that the plastic washer (item 9) has a small pip protruding? the slide has a small hole which matches this pip, it seems to me that this plastic washer is made to sit flat on the inside bottom of the slide pip side down before the spring???

Could that be right?

That would support the theory that this slide assembly is to be assembled in the numerical sequence???

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Okay! I have no answer on the 32 mm Mikuni VM, replacement!

I have another option!

I have a spare 32 mm Mikuni carb from a 1979 XT 500.

Would it be possible to use this carb on the SR250???

I know that I would have to change the twist grip throttle cable the jettings.... any sugestions???

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