2010 GYTR Enduro Skid Plate and WC Rad Brace Questions

Can anybody post a pic of the 2010 YZ450F with the GYTR enduro skid plate? I just bought the 2010 on Saturday and I need to protect that water pump. I've seen the Works Connection and Scorpion, but cannot find a good pic of the GYTR Enduro version.

On my 2002 CR 250 I used the Works Connection Radiator braces, but they just prevented them from folding back. They still allowed the radiator to be smashed inwards. Any better options with cages for the YZ? I noticed they only have GYTR up to 2009. I have some on my KTM that look like a roll cage, but they are KTM hard parts.

Still in the break-in period, but I'm very impressed with the overall package.


JK 322

photo.php?pid=14135380&l=b8c08b4d59&id=633805429Create an AdSponsored

heres a pic of the skid plate kinda

i realy realy like it awsome protection

its a to change the oil tho overall its a wise investment


I am running the WC PLATE that covers the water pump etc too, It is the best, i recommend it...


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