Install New Springs In Forks

I have stiffer springs on order for my forks. A quick look at the manual appears that I won't have to remove the forks to install them. Has anyone put new springs in. How hard is it, will I have to remove the forks, do I need to put new oil back in them? I have never done any work on forks before. If I have to remove the forks I will just take them into the shop and have them install the springs. I just did the rear shock and that was very easy. Do I need any special tools?

Do the work with the forks on the bike. Drain the old oil from the forks and trash it. You'll need to compress the forks to get as much of the old fluid out as possible so don't put it on a stand just yet. Be carefull when you do the fork compression manuvre, it can squirt it a mile. Support the bike on a stand and carefully remove the caps. There is a bit of preload on the springs. Pull the old springs out (they should be easy to grab). Then refill with the proper amount of fluid. I usually match the cc's but then follow with the dipstick method. The level is more important then the "equal" amounts of fluid poured in each leg. Once you get the levels set drop the new springs in and replace the caps. Once you get the hang of it, should only take a couple hours. Good luck.


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