yz or wr

I am in the market for a new bike and can't decide on which one to get.I will be riding mostly trails but will venture out into the motocross track,sand dunes, and go down to baja.I am wondering if the yz will be fast enough to keep up with the other wr's,xr's,and drz.Will the wider ratio trans on the wr be better could you just gear the yz to go faster.

Stevo, the YZ is faster than any of the bikes you mentioned. You need the WR.


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The Yz426 kills just about everything else out there except maybe a kx or cr500, but those things are outdated and not as controllable as the yz. I have a 01 426 and I ride with a guy that has a WR400. They are both mean, powerful bikes. If you buy either a yz or wr, and can ride reasonably good, you will waste everyone else on a DR and XR.


The WR may be a better bet. They are a little more expensive to make worthy (tank/seat/pipe), but the off-road gearing is worth it, at least to me. First gear on the YZ seems dificult to put up with when the going gets tight.

I ride mostly tight wood trails, some MX (not the big jumps, but definately the tabletops and smaller jumps), some high speed grass areas, and everything in between. A friends' YZ seems harder to ride, easier to stall, and very stiff in the woods compared to the WR (YZ timing, pipe, mods). The YZ is quicker no doubt about it (26 more cc, less weight), but it's just not as user-friendly as the WR.

I will say the YZ makes a better MX bike-more boost, less weight, stiffer suspension. But that's not what I ride primarily, so overall the WR fits me better.

Either one will do, but if you're primarily woods riding, the WR is probably a better fit. Just be prepared to spend $500-600 on a tank/seat/pipe. Less if used YZ parts, which I would recommend aside from seat foam/cover -damn that stock stuff is a rock!

Keep in mind too, the WR's first gear is lower so you can creep around, yet the 5th gear is taller thus the top speed is noticeably faster (8mph as measured by the Topeak panoram computer on both models, same final gearing 14/52). That suites me better than the YZ gearing for my riding. Then there's the kickstand and lights which are nice bonuses.

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