cylinder re-sleeving?? nikasil??

hey all was just wondering after installing a cylinder sleeve does it still need to be nikasil coated? weather it be cast iron,chrome molly alloy or what ever they make them from.thanks.

im hearing conflicting results about this.

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Sleeves do not need to be plated. Sleeves, however are inherently inferior to replating the original bore because sleeves change the clearance dynamics by changing the bore material from aluminum to iron, and they created a heat transfer barrier.

Replate or replace.

thanks greyracer,but i is also alot cheaper to sleeve than recoat as im in australia and not that many companies replate here and if they do they want big $$$ about $500.00 - $800.00 but at least sleeves can bbe rebored if anything goes wrong to i suppose.thanks for your input.:banana:

They can be rebored, but if no one makes oversized pistons, what's the point?

if you sleeve it, you will need to double check jetting and also change your warm up procedure. As Grey said, there is a heat issue, not only in transfer, but also the fit for piston and sleeze. A sleeved bike actually takes longer to warm up as the cast sleeze takes more time to come up to temp and the piston will get hot quicker. If you don't warm up correctly you will have a cold seize of the piston if you jump on the bike and get after it without warming up completely.

Also, if you get it sleeved, make sute who ever is sleeving it correctly hones the cylinder for size as this will also create problems.

yes thanks i will keep that in am i better to go for a cast sleeve or chrome-molly alloy or simillar.from my researching cast sleeves are far more expensive than the others.the one that im looking at is a L.A SLEEVE or WISECO.


if it's that expensive to do in Australia - why not send your cylinder to the USA to have it done? Shipping is approximately $40-50

sent it to who?where?and how much?and how long is the turn around period? and i would hate to have it "lost in the mail" especially if im gonna fork out all the $$$. but there is more option! will a yz426 01 cylinder fit my bike coz if so that'll be a lot easier and possibly cheaper to coz i can get a ig bore kit of ebay for $600 usd delivered to my door.cheers.

I'd look at and replace what you need with OEM parts, a new Yamaha cylinder & piston kit (piston, pin, gaskets, circlips etc.) is around $386 US plus shipping. Then you know exactly what you're getting parts wise, eliminates the guesswork.

Almost everything is insured and can be tracked through UPS, or whichever company is used to ship the parts. Pay the extra $2 to insure the parts and try to get a tracking #, although with shipping overseas a tracking number isn't necessairily available.

I just finished placing 2 orders from them and they're fantastic, I've ordered from them in the past when I had needed OEM Honda parts as well.

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