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Would you buy this conversion?

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Okay, so since I've had almost zero time to work on my girlfriend's DR125 to get it truly trail ready and reliable, I'm actually considering this conversion.

Opinions? Things specific to XRs to watch? Conversion bits to be aware of?

Thanks guys!

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A CR 80 is a mini bike with all of the positives and negatives that go with that size when ridden by adults.

The wheel sizes limit trail riding.

Short suspension travel limit speed.

Light wheight is a plus.

Low seat is a plus for short riders

engine bay is small for a 200 4T.

And the list goes on, and on.

I would consider the swap but with a XR185 engine because it is easier to start, has more than enough power for the light chassis, and has a lower first gear that is good for less experience riders.

If you can find a 86+ XR200 chassis I would consider adapting the engine cradle to the CR80.

Search and you will find several conversion threads.

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looks pretty botched! the tank looks like an xr or xl, pretty sure they were plastic in 84' and the silencer looks like a 2 stroke. just my 2 cents! i'd offer $150 max.
You could buy it if you want to get rid of your g/f (or send her to the hospital).

Thanks for the honesty guys!

I guess I'll show her your kind comments and maybe she'll give me a day off to work on her bike rather than the farm truck from hell:bonk::banana:

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