New radiator fitment issues

I recently purchased these radiators for my 05 yz450f.

They have installed ok other than the neck that comes out of the top of the left radiator and goes towards the motor. The issue is that it is about an 1/8th of an inch to far back and wont allow the gas tank to come far enough forward to bolt up properly. I can almost get it but there is contact between the coolant hose and the gas tank.

I am asking here first to see if anyone thinks that adding some washers on the back to kind of angle it to make room will work or if anyone has a god idea to safely bend that upper tube on the left radiator slightly so make enough room. Or if I should just return it and not be able to ride for a couple more weeks?

Thanks much for any help.

can you heat the tube up with an acetline torch and bend with a length of pipe the similar size

Try manually "adjusting" the radiator enough to get the tank in place, then seen where the tank shroud thinks it should be.

Ok I'll try that gray.

I'm assuming if it still touches the tank when I get it on I run the risk of melting part of the tank or boiling fuel correct?

If it touches the tank the heat transfer won't be of any concern. The only real risk then is in rubbing a hole in one part or the other.

If the elbow hits the tank because it's just plain too long before the bend, and you don't want to/can't return the radiator, a radiator shop can correct it fairly cheaply.

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