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ktm 300 06 XC JD jetting question

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I have the JD kit in my 450 and it is great. I decided to put one in my 300. Specs call for 3,000-6,000 feet, 160 MJ, 40 PJ, 3rd clip, red needle. Bike would not run on the top. I went to the 2nd clip, bike ran better, but still would not clean out.

Should I drop to a 158 and back to a third clip?

Does the 40 PJ seem high?

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I run 42 pilot, blue 2 and 158. that is my base line when i go to that elevation, temps will vary that. i never got or liked the red needle, i know its supposed to be a half clip difference but it always changed it too much. red always made it seem really lean and want to overheat and had poor bottom end.

I dont know what you run for usfs spark arrester but if you run a screen clean it. been there made that mistake!

hope this helps some


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