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Family Fun Enduro

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Well, I rode a family fun enduro for the first time this past Saturday. I had some comments under the "frustrated, one step forward, two steps back thread and thought I would update. I entered under "trail rider" so no trophies for that class. There were only 3 women total, so I should have entered a trophy class. Two girls were about 15 or 16 and then me, 50. The first girl didn't even make it to the first checkpoint, the second girl had a guy ride her TTR-125 up every hill. I made it, but did fall twice. The first half was a bear for me. A lot of up hill and down hill, which spooks me. However, I thought I did pretty well. Actually stood up on 2 of the hills. The second half of the loop was mostly single track, some kind of tight through the trees, and some slightly smaller hills. I went with the idea of concentrating on bike control using my knees, and trying to be relaxed and just let it flow. As hubby and I sat at the start, looking at the first hill, I thought to myself, "oh sh**, what have I done?" :banana: I let him go first, and then I just pinned it, and up I went, with no problems. He let me lead so I could pick my own lines. It was very different because I am so used to following someone. The falls didn't bother me, only managed to bruise my hip a little. I definitely accomplished what I set out to do. I feel much better and at least during this ride, my trepidation slowly melted away. This was a real confidence booster and just wanted to share with others that are frustrated. It will come, just let it happen. :eek:

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